Our designer

Lina Simons

Lina Simons

Born 1972
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland

Enjoy the pictures of my pieces of jewellery, some of them are unique ones and not for sale. Please leave a request if you are interested in a certain piece.

Gallery of unique designs

Design Career

Exhibition "Änglamark" at Lokal+ in Helsinki. Arranging and participating with a new jewellery collection.

”Cross of light” (Valonristi) cross necklace in silver for Kalevala Jewelry

”Cross of light” (Valonristi) cross charm in gold for Kalevala Jewelry

”Hetki yhdessä”, jewellery collection for Kalevala Jewelry. Exclusively sold by Kultajousi

”Moments” necklace, exclusively designed for the #oursea campaign, launched by Moomin Characters together with the John Nurminen Foundation to mark Moomins' 75 th birthday in 2020

"Award pin" for The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment (Natur och miljö)

“New Dawn” (Sarastus) necklace for a gift set by the two Finnish companies, Kalevala Jewelry and Lumi: a leather jewelry pouch by Lumi, containing the necklace which is made by Kalevala Jewelry

“New Dawn” (Sarastus) earrings for Kalevala Jewelry

“Four-leaf Clover” (Neliapila) charm in gold, for Kalevala Jewelry

“Encounters” (Kohdataan) pendant for Kalevala Jewelry, launched for Valentine’s day

My jewellery “Lingon” was chosen for the Design Delivered-by Wolt project during Helsinki Design Week

“Lucky Pearl” (Onnenhelmi) collection for Kalevala Jewelry

Design and production of the “Lucia” silver bracelet for the Folkhälsan association. I was given the assignment of re-interpreting the Folkhälsan’s logo of Lucia into a piece of jewellery. The logo was originally designed by Mervi Laakso

"Four-Leaf Clover" (Neliapila) charm for a Baby Ring / Kalevala Jewelry

"Four-Leaf Clover" (Neliapila) pendant for Kalevala Jewelry

Design and production of the “Majblomman” silver bracelet for the Folkhälsan association. I was given the assignment of re-interpreting the Folkhälsan’s logo of “Majblomman” into a piece of jewellery

The charm "Precious Sunshine" (Päivänsäde, Kalevala Jewelry) was chosen by Suomen Kätilöliitto ry to be the official necklace for the 200th jubilee year. The charm got its own gemstone: a dark blue Spinel

"Precious Sunshine" (Päivänsäde) for Kalevala Jewelry. The charm has two gemstones to choose from: A red Rhodolite or a light blue Topaz, depending on the gender of the child

Design of the silver compass pendant “Guiding Star” for the Finnish company Suunto. The necklace has a working compass inserted. I designed the graphic design of the compass as well, where the north symbol is a Polaris star.

“Four-leaf clover “ (Neliapila) christian spoon for Kalevala Jewelry

One of the winners in Kalevala Jewelry “My Saaga” (Saaga nr 6846/3) by public vote

One of the winners in Kalevala Jewelry “My Saaga” (Saaga nr 6841/4) by public vote

Jewellery exhibition “Insideout”, Axxell Academy's 20th anniversary exhibition. Participating with the “Unfold”, necklace

Shared first price in a design competition, arranged by Kalevala Jewelry, with the Amelie necklace

Jewellery exhibition “Meddelanden”, arranged by Pro Artibus in Tammisaari, Finland . Participating with three necklaces: “Helene”, “Pian” and “Elli”

Design and creating the official necklace for Lucia

Honourable mention in ”Tahto ja taito” handcraft competition, arranged by Paulig/Design Forum with my silver button collection

Education / work in goldsmithing

Founded Lingon Design, my new brand and company

One-year work scholarship from Svenska kulturfonden

Further studies in goldsmithing at Axxell, Tammisaari, Finland. Exam in may 2015

2007 - 2020
Work at Kalevala Jewelry as a goldsmith as well as in the surface treatment section

Finlands konstindustri (Applied art of Finland), 2 sv, fortbildningscentralen vid Åbo Akademi University

Establishing my own jewellery workshop in Helsinki and starting my own business "Lina Simons Design"

Practising in goldsmithing in Jörgen Christian Juul’s (master of goldsmith) studio, Stjørdal, Norway

Gold- and silversmithing studies, Lahden käsi- ja taideteollisuusoppilaitos

Studies in metal handcraft, Ekenäs hantverks- och konstindustriskola

Art studies, Västra Nylands folkhögskola