Custom designs and collaborations

Over the years our founder and designer Lina Simons has been engaged for a wide range of bespoke design projects, both for companies and organisations.

Design for Kalevala


Currently in shops

Kultajousi/Kalevala Koru - Hetki yhdessä
Kultajousi/Kalevala Koru - Hetki yhdessä
Kultajousi/Kalevala Koru - Hetki yhdessä

Previous designs

Kalevala Jewelry is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe.

The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry.

All photos are property of Kalevala Jewelry.

Design for Suunto

Lina is both fun and easy to work with and she has a lot of lovely ideas. In the Suunto’s Guiding Star project she was the best possible guide into the world of jewellery.

Henrik Palin, Suunto
Photo: Property of Suunto
Photo: Property of Suunto

Suunto Guiding Star

Guiding Star is a sterling silver compass pendant with clean lines and two faces: on the front is a real compass with Polaris in the north, and on the back stars of the Nordic sky.

The jewellery "Guiding Star" was launched worldwide in 2015.

The Guiding Star is crafted in Finland in cooperation between Suunto and Kalevala Jewelry, both founded in Finland in the 1930s.

All photos are property of Suunto.

Award pin

I got the assignment in 2019 to design an award pin for The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment (Natur och miljö).

The design had to include the three elements earth (branch), water (fish) and air (bird) from their logo.


Folkhälsan gave me an assignment to design two charms in silver. They are based on Folkhälsan’s symbols for their campaigns “Majblomman” (the flower of May) and “Lucia” (Santa Lucia)