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Celebrate the Nordic summer with Ilona. The Ilona collection will give you the summer sun wherever you are, long after the cold autumn rains have begun.

Designer Lina Simons sees the three-leaf clover as a much more interesting design object than the four-leaf clover, the oh-so popular sister.

– The asymmetry of the three-leaf clover makes the design process interesting and challenging. It is like seeing genuine beauty in something very ordinary, just like us ordinary people.

And as with many of Lina’s designs, the inspiration for Ilona comes from her childhood memories, actually the first day of the summer holiday.

– On that first morning the summer always felt endless. I remember walking barefoot on the dewy grass with thousands of three-leaf clovers. It was such a joy.

And fittingly enough Ilona is a popular female name in Finland that derives from the word ilo, meaning joy.

In the box: Earrings (14 mm) in 100 % sterling silver.