Eternal Lingon earrings, silver

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  • €90.00 EUR
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Too often the word unique is used to hard-sell stuff. Exclusive! Premium! Unique! It’s mostly empty buy-now talk.

At Lingon Design we have reserved unique for that it actually means: one of a kind.

Every lingonberry leaf in the world is unique. Just like every snowflake. For some people that uniqueness can get quite obsessive. Just ask designer Lina Simons.

For years she has been on the lookout for the most beautiful lingonberry leaves in the forests of Finland. And in that special moment when Lina finds a leaf she deems perfect, she carefully picks that fragile leaf and gives it nothing less than eternal life.

Through an intricate casting process that every lingonberry leaf is transformed into a piece of jewellery you are welcome to call unique.

But we call it Eternal Lingon.

In the box: Two Eternal Lingon leaves made of 100% sterling silver.